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Your Trusted Arborist in Covington, GA

Don’t rely on just any tree service to come out and care for your yard; work with someone who has taken the time to truly learn about these plants. Perfect Cut Tree Service is an arborist serving Covington, GA, who has a deeper understanding of what makes trees healthy and hearty—especially when compared to just someone with a chainsaw and a ladder.

With the help of our tree specialists, you are able to make smarter decisions about how to care for your trees properly. This helps you reduce the amount of work you need by getting the job done the right way the first time. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to learn more about the different services we offer, including helpful landscaping and tree service tips.

Exceptional Services for Our Clients

Tree Trimming – Proper tree trimming is a science, and our arborist is well-versed in it. We make the right cuts to ensure you reduce the number of overgrown branches from your trees while also keeping things from getting lopsided.

Tree Planting – Trees can add a lot of value to your property. With the help of our specialists, you can ensure the trees you are planting will work well with your soil and space.

Tree Cabling – Reduce the potential of branches bending and snapping with the help of our cabling services. We are able to provide extra support to weaker branches, so they don’t go anywhere when those stronger winds blow through.

Tree Removal – Remove damaged and diseased trees from your property before they damage your home. We can assess the trees on your property and let you know which ones—if any—pose a risk and can guide you toward the best solution for handling them.

Stump Removal – Keep removed trees from growing back while improving your curb appeal by having our team come out and remove any unsightly stumps from your property.

Lightning Rod Installation – Protect your trees from dangerous lightning strikes by having our team install lightning rods on your property.

Tree Health – Maintain the overall health of your trees with the assistance of our arborists. We perform everything from soil testing and insect control services to mulching and composting to help your trees remain healthy.