Why Should You Hire An Arborist?

An arborist is professionally trained in how to plant, care for, and maintaining individual trees properly. They are extremely knowledgeable about the needs of specific tree types and are equipped to provide proper tree care. Hiring an arborist in Marietta, GA, could be the smart decision for your property, as proper tree care is an investment that can lead to substantial returns. Well-cared-for trees are attractive and can add significant value to your property.

What Is a Certified Arborist?

ISA arborist certification is a voluntary, non-governmental process through which tree professionals can document their knowledge base. Certified Arborists are people who have achieved an established standard of knowledge in the art and science of tree care through not only professional experience, but also by passing a comprehensive exam developed by a network of the nation’s leading experts on tree care.

Services Arborists Can Provide

Pruning An arborist assesses trees to determine the type of pruning necessary to maintain or improve the appearance, health, and safety of trees.

Tree Removal – Tree removal should be a last resort, and an arborist can help decide whether a tree should be removed.

Emergency Tree Care – An arborist can provide emergency tree care while reducing further risk of property damage.

Planting – Arborists also plant trees and can recommend appropriate tree species in particular locations.

Welcome to Our Blog

Welcome to Our Blog

fir tree new growth tipsYou need the right information to make the most of your greenery, and Perfect Cut Tree Service in Cincinnati is here to help. On our blog, you will find a wide range of information focused on finding and caring for the trees your property needs. Explore tips, tricks, and general knowledge about topics like:

  • Pruning
  • Watering
  • Planting
  • Tree Diseases
  • Removal
  • Stumps
  • Fertilization

Whether you need an arborist now or want to know how the professionals handle issues you might experience, you will find insight from our experiences here. Check back regularly for new topics and always be prepared for any tree-related challenge. Our background gives us the perspective to answer any questions you may have — and maybe even some that you have not considered yet.

Northern Georgia LandscapersWith more than 40 years of experience, you can trust our information to help you preserve some of your property’s most essential and visible features. Given proper care, trees are more than plants. They are investments in a landscape that adds beauty and value to the surrounding environment.

We make sure you have the in-depth advice you need to maximize beauty and function and get rid of troublesome trunks safely while keeping your yard intact. Our information may even help you choose between tree services, whether you go with us or not.

Get the pristine green you deserve with help from Perfect Cut Tree Service in Northern Georgia. Our blog offers tips and information that you can count on.

When Should I Have a Tree Trimmed?

white flowering treeWe are often asked, “When should I have a tree trimmed?” There are many answers to this question.

It would be best if you trimmed when a branch is diseased or damaged. These branches may pose a risk to anyone in the area. There’s no point in waiting in that case, the quicker the limb is removed, the better. If you find yourself in that situation, we can help as the team at Perfect Cut Tree Service has the skills and equipment to remove any damaged tree limbs and branches safely.

If you are considering tree trimming in Northern Georgia for the health and beauty of your trees, then you should wait until late winter when the trees are dormant. This is ideal because it allows the wounds to heal more quickly, and the tree remains healthy and strong. It’s also easier to see what you are doing in the winter when the leaves have fallen.

Another answer is to trim when it’s dry. Trimming in wet conditions can encourage and spread disease, so it’s better to wait for dry conditions, just like the ones you’ll find in winter.

When you are not sure, call on the professionals for the correct answer for your situation.

Tree Services to Beautify Your Property

Call us for Landscaping and Tree Service TipsHave you ever seen a scraggly old tree that looks like it should be featured on a Halloween movie set or an overgrown one that dominates a property while hiding half of the house? If you have, and it’s likely you can think of some other examples, you understand what we mean by saying that the right tree service in Northern Georgia is a very useful partner for any property owner.

Trees are a terrific addition to a residential or business property, but they need attention and upkeep to remain healthy and look great. A diseased or damaged tree is going to detract from the appearance of the yard or lot, and, if there are enough unsightly ones, they may even negatively affect the property value.

A regularly trimmed and care-for tree looks healthy and strong. It provides shade and a home for songbirds. There are many other intangibles that branch out (pun intended) from a healthy tree as well.

blue jay on a branchThe sound of a gentle breeze caressing the leaves provides a sense of calm and relaxation. Kids love to climb trees. Trees evoke a sense of nature, and that adds to wellbeing. It’s believed that spending time in or near nature has many positive effects.

A company like Perfect Cut Tree Service has the skills and experience to care for trees of all sizes properly. We know how to keep your trees strong and healthy, and that includes things like trimming, cabling, insect control, feeding, and even removal, when necessary.

How to Spot Common Tree Diseases

Northern Georgia Arborist ServicesOne of the most challenging parts of keeping your trees healthy is avoiding common diseases that can crop up even with the best care efforts. Spotting the problems early can save your favorite trees or prevent sickness from spreading to other foliage. Keep an eye out when watering and walking by — if you notice any of the following symptoms, it might be time to call your go-to affordable tree service in Northern Georgia:

Leaf Rust — Many leaves change color with the seasons, but orange or reddish spotting before the fall or on evergreen trees could indicate an issue.

Fire Blight — Trees that look charred or burned without exposure to fire are a telltale warning sign.

Powdery Mildew — As with other strange colors or textures, dust-like substances accompanied by leaf damage or wilting is a cause for concern.

Borers and Beetles — It’s normal to see a bug or two exploring tree trunks, but some could be eating away at your greenery. Some examples include Japanese beetles, identifiable by their brown thoraxes, and emerald ash borers that you can spot by looking for bright green shells.

General Damage — The most obvious sign of an issue is unusual or unaccounted for damage to leaves, branches, and trunks. If a typically normal tree looks a little worse for the wear, it is always best to get an expert opinion early.

When is it time to look for affordable tree service in Cincinnati? Learn how to spot common tree diseases that might need professional attention and call Perfect Cut Tree Service today for assistance.