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Our team of skilled tree and plant experts at Perfect Cut Tree Service Inc goes above and beyond to ensure that your property is safe and looking its best. We offer lawn care products, compost, mulch, topsoil, and firewood. Reach out to our landscaper and arborist in Atlanta, GA, to learn more about our company's many services.

Exceptional Services

Tree Trimming: Cutting overgrown branches from your trees can help improve their overall health. Without trimming, your tree may become unbalanced or lopsided and could create other issues for your property.

Tree Planting: A skilled arborist will plant new trees on your property to improve its overall look and enhance its value.

Tree Cabling: Cabling trees can significantly improve the stability of your trees and give weaker branches extra support, preventing them from bending and snapping.

Tree Removal: If you have a damaged or diseased tree, removal is often the best and safest option. Our experts have the tools to remove the tree from your property efficiently and safely. Call our team for any fallen tree removal.

Stump Removal: After tree removal, our team will remove stumps to keep your lawn looking its best and eliminate hazards that a stump could pose.

Fallen Tree Removal in Atlanta, GA
Arborist in Atlanta, GA

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Lightning Rods: Due to their height, trees are especially at risk of being struck by lightning. Our team will install lighting rods to reduce the risk, protecting trees from damage.

Disease/Soil Analysis: Our team will test the soil on your property for composition and consistency, helping us determine the cause of unhealthy trees.

Insect Control: We provide a range of solutions to prevent insects from infesting and damaging your trees.

Mulch and Compost Manufacturing: Our company specializes in providing high-quality garden mulch and composted materials with the nutrients your plants need to grow and thrive.


Be sure to contact Perfect Cut Tree Services Inc if you encounter any trees on your property that require special handling.

Northern Georgia Landscapers

In addition to our tree services, our company also offers complete landscaping and lawn care services. We will create a beautiful property that your entire family will enjoy.

Consider our organic compost or eco-friendly mulch when planning a garden or landscape design. Meet with one of our landscaping experts to see how these products can be easily incorporated into your plans.

  • Wood Chips
  • Leaf Compost
  • Topsoil
  • Sand or Gravel

Seasoned Firewood

As part of our tree services, we also have air-dried (sawn or split) burning wood for sale. Contact us to inquire about deliveries. We proudly serve customers throughout Northern Georgia and Southwest Ohio.

Some areas we serve in Georgia: Marietta – Alpharetta – Atlanta – Northern GA.