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How to Spot Common Tree Diseases

Northern Georgia Arborist ServicesOne of the most challenging parts of keeping your trees healthy is avoiding common diseases that can crop up even with the best care efforts. Spotting the problems early can save your favorite trees or prevent sickness from spreading to other foliage. Keep an eye out when watering and walking by — if you notice any of the following symptoms, it might be time to call your go-to affordable tree service in Northern Georgia:

Leaf Rust — Many leaves change color with the seasons, but orange or reddish spotting before the fall or on evergreen trees could indicate an issue.

Fire Blight — Trees that look charred or burned without exposure to fire are a telltale warning sign.

Powdery Mildew — As with other strange colors or textures, dust-like substances accompanied by leaf damage or wilting is a cause for concern.

Borers and Beetles — It’s normal to see a bug or two exploring tree trunks, but some could be eating away at your greenery. Some examples include Japanese beetles, identifiable by their brown thoraxes, and emerald ash borers that you can spot by looking for bright green shells.

General Damage — The most obvious sign of an issue is unusual or unaccounted for damage to leaves, branches, and trunks. If a typically normal tree looks a little worse for the wear, it is always best to get an expert opinion early.

When is it time to look for affordable tree service in Cincinnati? Learn how to spot common tree diseases that might need professional attention and call Perfect Cut Tree Service today for assistance.